Scooterists Are People Too

So my brother-in-law rides a scooter (and likes to take it apart and tinker with it). He is a scooterist (one day when I grow up I want to be one too) and taught me everything I know about the technical side of scooters (which isn’t much.)

A few years back he was in a pretty bad injury accident. A car turned left in front of him, causing him to crash. Then the driver sped off without a word or offering any help. Scooterists do not always get the same respect as a motorist or even a motorcyclist. It’s as if some folks think persons on a scooter are not real people.

Just like someone involved in a bicycle crash or a motorcycle crash the person injured in a scooter crash does not have the benefit of being wrapped in the relative safety of several tons of steel and plastic (the body of a motor vehicle) nor do they have the benefit of seat belts and air bags.

Scooters are a smashing way to get around town and a lifestyle choice for many but there is an ever present danger that other motorists will not take the time to “look twice, save a life.” If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a scooter wreck, I would be privileged to have the opportunity to fully investigate the circumstances of the crash and fight for full and complete compensation.

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For all you hardcore scooterists, check out this vintage commercial –

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