He will not Give Up!

Peter Pearson represented me for four years on what I am sure was one of his most impossibly drawn out cases! He settled it this year getting me everything I need because just like me, his determination is unwavering. The point I want to stress is that he didn’t only give me what I needed after the case had settled. He gave me everything I needed along the way. From helping me find a company that woud forward me funds to making sure I saw the doctors that I needed to see, even listening to me when I would call crying at night, and he was at home with his family! He always understood. I was a brain injured client, and understanding was something I needed a great deal of. If it weren’t for his knowledge and help I would not be where I am today, that much is certain. I would recommend him to anyone, but especially to the confused and hurting, like I was. Because he is a trustworthy man, and a lawyer who will not take no for an answer!