An Attorney Who Cared About Me & My Case

I was in a horrible car accident. My whole family was badly injured. I had just given birth to my second daughter three weeks before the accident. It was so hard. My family had to drop everything to help me and my children. I didn’t hire Peter right away – that was a mistake! I hired another attorney, but after months and months, we didn’t seem to be making much progress and I just couldn’t get the respect I needed out of the first attorney.

Finally, my first attorney decided to find an attorney to help him file a lawsuit on my case. He asked Peter to get involved and once Peter agreed, things immediately began to improve.

Honestly, I was skeptical of Peter at first because of my bad experience with the first attorney. But over time I learned that Peter really cared about me and my case. He returned all my phone calls promptly. He listened to my concerns. He was prepared for deadlines. He worked very hard for me. I had no idea what my case was worth. In the end, he won me an amount that was at the high end of the value of my case.

If you are trying to choose an attorney, I hope you will consider my experience with Peter. If you give him a chance, I believe he will earn your trust and do the best job possible for you. It says a lot for him that other attorneys go to him when they have a case they want to get results on.

My first attorney knew who to call when the going got tough. If other attorneys know to go to Peter for results, maybe you should too!