Car Accident - Scarring

An Attorney Who Cared About Me & My Case

I was in a horrible car accident. My whole family was badly injured. I had just given birth to my second daughter three weeks before the accident. It was so hard. My family had to drop everything to help me and my children. I didn’t hire Peter right away – that was a mistake! I hired another attorney, but after months and months, we didn’t seem to be making much progress and I just couldn’t get the respect I needed out of the first attorney.

Finally, my first attorney decided to find an attorney to help him file a lawsuit on my case. He asked Peter to get involved and once Peter agreed, things immediately began to improve.

Honestly, I was skeptical of Peter at first because of my bad experience with the first attorney. But over time I learned that Peter really cared about me and my case. He returned all my phone calls promptly. He listened to my concerns. He was prepared for deadlines. He worked very hard for me. I had no idea what my case was worth. In the end, he won me an amount that was at the high end of the value of my case.

If you are trying to choose an attorney, I hope you will consider my experience with Peter. If you give him a chance, I believe he will earn your trust and do the best job possible for you. It says a lot for him that other attorneys go to him when they have a case they want to get results on.

My first attorney knew who to call when the going got tough. If other attorneys know to go to Peter for results, maybe you should too!

Jeff Feldhan

CEO at World2one

He is always my first referral choice

I’ve known Pete for many years and have referred individuals to him. As an attorney myself, I’m always careful about other attorneys to whom I refer other clients. That is never the case with Pete. His subject matter expertise, his integrity and his care for his clients mean that he is always my first referral choice.

In addition to referring clients to Pete, I’ve also had the privilege of working with him on a particular case. He’s good. Very good. He managed the client’s expectations effectively with care and thoroughness, and he did all the hard work in the case that I was incapable of doing. In the end, I appeared to my client as a genius for knowing someone as capable as Pete.


Car Accident - Head Injury

He will not Give Up!

Peter Pearson represented me for four years on what I am sure was one of his most impossibly drawn out cases! He settled it this year getting me everything I need because just like me, his determination is unwavering. The point I want to stress is that he didn’t only give me what I needed after the case had settled. He gave me everything I needed along the way. From helping me find a company that woud forward me funds to making sure I saw the doctors that I needed to see, even listening to me when I would call crying at night, and he was at home with his family! He always understood. I was a brain injured client, and understanding was something I needed a great deal of. If it weren’t for his knowledge and help I would not be where I am today, that much is certain. I would recommend him to anyone, but especially to the confused and hurting, like I was. Because he is a trustworthy man, and a lawyer who will not take no for an answer!

Ernest & Nancy

Auto Accident

Caring, Knowledgable Attorney

Peter spent a great deal of time patiently explaining the legal options to us and what to expect. When we asked questions, he got back to us with an answer very quickly. Of the numerous times we asked questions, never once did Peter show any impatience or unconcern. Just the opposite actually. I trust not only his legal judgment and his recommendations, but I trust Peter as a person. He took care of many details for us, which alleviated much of our concern and distress.


Car Accident

Fantastic experience

Peter Pearson is a compassionate and truly knowledgeable lawyer. He is incredibly wise, consistent, and reliable. I found him to be unbelievably helpful. Despite his hectic schedule, he was always ready to answer questions and offer explanations and assistance. In the face of a horrible situation, I found myself grateful just for the opportunity to meet him and work with him. I would recommend his services to anyone in need. I have rarely met a man so full of integrity and faithfulness to his work and his clients.