Many injury firms take too many cases. Some have hundreds of current clients. If you are one of 200 clients, you might not be able to get your attorney’s full attention when you need it. In fact, your attorney might not even remember your name when you call.

Because I believe that less is more, I limit the total number of clients I represent at any given time to between twenty to thirty. If I take your case, you are going to be one of a select few. You can rest assured that I will have the time to dedicate to knowing your case inside and out.


It seems like some attorneys view client calls as a nuisance. And so they make it really complicated to actually speak to them. You get to know their secretary or paralegal better than the attorney. The attorney seems to always be hiding from you.

Because I simply want to serve you, I need to know you. I need us to talk often in order to know you well. My advocacy grows more powerful as my knowledge of you as a person grows.

Every single client I represent gets my cell number. You can text me if you want. You can email me. Or we can sit down and talk on a weekend. You have 24/7 access to your attorney.


Conventional contingency fees cost injury clients between one-third and one-half of the amount recovered. Sometimes, due to the complexity of a legal matter, fees that high are justified. But some of the big injury firms in Atlanta charge clients 40% to handle a simple car accident claim that settles pre-suit!

What is different with my firm? Two things make me a little unconventional.

  • On car accident cases, my fees are limited to 30% if we settle before filing suit and 35% if the case goes into litigation. That means I bill at rates 10% less than the big firms. You can see my attorney fee contract here.
  • At the end of each case, I evaluate the fairness of my legal fee. Sometimes the fee you and I agreed on at the beginning of the case turns out to be unfair to you. I may have anticipated more work than it actually took to win the case. You may have needs that I do not have. I lower my fee in those instances.

I’m able to bill at rates that are lower than the big firms because I run a non-conventional law practice. I don’t have the overhead those firms have. My firm has no partner structure, I work mostly from home or in court, I don’t spend the fees I earn on TV commercials, and so I can make a good living while billing at lower rates.

The bottom line? I get happy about putting more of the net recovery in my client’s pockets.

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