Lifeguards, Life-Saving Equipment & Bather Load Limitations

Water Safety has been an interest of mine ever since, as a teenager, I was trained to be a lifeguard. Did you know that the leading cause of injury death to children who are between the ages of 1-4 is drowning? Swimming pools are the most common place where young children drown. Over at my blog dedicated to helping parents of injured children I just put up a post that goes into some depth on issues related to proving what when wrong when a child is injured or drowns in a pool, spa or recreational water park. It’s a long post with a lot of details about the standard of care for owners/operators of such facilities. Hope if will prove useful to any families out there who are hurting and searching for answers. Click below –

Georgia Pool Rules – Child Injury in Swimming Pools, Spas, and Recreational Water Parks


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