Home and Hospital Visits For Injury Clients

“We Will Come to You”

Over the years I have learned that one of the services that my clients value the most is home/hospital visits. Many of my clients have health conditions or injuries that make it hard from them to travel to me. Or they are just very busy people! To meet that need, I will come to your home, the hospital, your workplace, or even your local coffee shop to meet with you.

There can be a special benefit to your case if we meet in your home. It helps me gather information that might never be obvious to me. If I never have the chance to see you in your “native habitat” (aka your home) I may miss details of your life that affect your case. When I go to a client’s home I often notice aspects of your lifestyle and injury that help me represent you more zealously.

For example, let’s just say you are a spelunker. You love caves, what can you say? You might not think to mention that detail to me right away. But when I come to your home and see your caving helmet on the table and your caving lights on your shelf, I know to ask about that. And chances are your injury is going to limit your enjoyment of that passion of yours for some time.

Also, when I travel to a client’s home I often meet family members that share helpful insights into how your injury limits you.

Bottom line: I want to get to know you so I can be the best advocates possible. Where better to do that then in your own world? Plus, lawyer’s offices can be awful unpleasant places.

I am Attorney Pete Pearson and am located in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia Metro Area, and I represent clients all over the State of Georgia.

If you have questions or need help, Atlanta Personal Injury and Wrongful Death attorney Pete Pearson is available for a FREE initial consultation and, as you are probably tired of hearing by now, I travel to you. Home and hospital visits are available.

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