Some people have not yet heard the good news. Contingency fees are fees that are contingent, or dependent, on you winning your case. In many parts of the world it is impossible for people of normal means to hire an attorney. They simply can not afford to do so. Only the rich have access to attorneys. That’s not good for them and it’s not good for justice.

The good news is that when you hire my law firm to handle a bodily injury matter, you do not have to pay any fees up front! And you pay no fees at all EVER unless you win.

It even better than that: any fee earned by your attorney is paid, not directly by you, but by the insurance company. This means that you pay no fees out of your pocket to your attorney. And even if for some unforeseen reason you lose your case, you pay NOTHING in attorney fees.

So you see, you can afford to hire an attorney even if you don’t have a million dollars in the

The contingency fee also means that I, as your attorney, am highly motivated to do a good
job for you. If I were to do a poor job and you do not get what you deserve, I do not get
paid! So contingency fees help make sure you and your attorney have the common
interest of doing all that can be done to win.

I do something different from many lawyers – I post my attorney fee contract on my site. You can see exactly what you are agreeing to before you even call me. Here it is:



Attorney Pete Pearson has been working for injury victims for over 17 years right here in the Metro Atlanta Area. Located in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area, he serves clients all over the State of Georgia. You can talk to Attorney Pearson for a free initial consultation by clicking here or by calling him at Six-Seven-Eight 358-2564.

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