DUI Traffic Fatalities Increase During Holiday Season

It’s a sad fact that there are more impaired drivers on the roads this time of year. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner many will be drinking and driving.

Not too many years ago a friend was driving on I-20 near Atlanta with her two young children in the back seat. She was struck from the back and side and her SUV spun across I-20. Miraculously, she and her children escaped with minor injuries but you can imagine her dismay when she learned that the driver who hit her was drunk and you can understand her anger when I told her that the same driver had a prior DUI.

DUI drivers are sometimes drunk, sometimes stoned, sometimes both. Some of them do it again and again – repeat offenders. And when they injure and kill others it is tragic.

A few years ago I was deposing (a formal interview under oath) a man who admitted to smoking marijuana before driving and falling asleep at the wheel. In the resulting crash my client was injured. When I asked him whether he believed his dope smoking had anything to do with the accident (I wanted to see whether he was going to be a person who admitted his mistake), he said he actually was convinced he could drive better after smoking his herb. He felt it calmed him down and improved his judgment.

DUI drivers are out there and some of them think they are better drivers when drunk or stoned. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed by a drunk or drugged driver I would like to speak to you. Obtaining just compensation can be a frustrating and overwhelming process. I would be privileged to help you.

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