Brain Injury/Brain Damage Resulting from Auto Accident or Other Trauma

I knew her, but she did not sound the same.

An acquaintance called me for help. When she told me who was calling I instantly knew something was very wrong. She sounded different – stuttering, not able to find the right words, and her speech was halting. Then she told me she had been in a car crash and hit her head. Immediately I knew it was a brain injury.

The unusual thing about brain injuries is that many people with a traumatic brain injury do not know it. One of the symptoms of brain damage is denial that anything is wrong. Often a victim of brain injury will refuse to get any help until family or friends take them to go to the doctor.

It is imperative that a brain injured person be diagnosed right away. Insurance companies have doctors that will say no brain injury occurred. It is essential to get to a doctor who will confirm that an injury has in fact occurred as soon as possible after the injury date.

Handling a brain injury claim is not for inexperienced attorneys. Just as you would not go to an ankle or foot doctor for treatment from an injury to the head, you need an attorney who handles brain injuries. It requires an understanding of how the brain works and what effects an injury can have on a person’s long term well-being. I have the experience and resources to aggressively represent those who find themselves suffering from a brain injury. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the specifics of your situation with you.

Attorney Pete Pearson is located in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia Metro Area, but represents clients throughout the State of Georgia.

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Here is a helpful video regarding understanding traumatic brain injuries –

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