Best and Worst Auto Insurers Doing Business in Georgia

If you want to know the full monty on which car insurance companies are best and worst don’t ask your friends, don’t ask Google, don’t even ask your momma – ask a trial attorney. We know who pays and how – because we fight in the trenches against automobile insurers every day.

Think about it – who is in the best position to know? Who knows best how the insurance companies behave when it comes time for them to pay out? The answer is – attorneys with extensive experience litigating automobile accident injury claims.

I’m going to give you insider information that isn’t published in any study, recorded in any book, or otherwise available to the public. I’m going to tell which insurance companies pay claims and which ones don’t. My goal is to help the consumer do due diligence before plunking down any premium money.

I’ve never worked for an insurance company, I have no investments in any insurance company, and I have no ties whatsoever to anyone in the insurance industry. My sole bias in writing is wanting consumers to get what they pay for when they buy insurance. I can’t stand to tell you how many times I’ve seen folks get ripped off by their own insurance company.

I bet you have read articles about how to shop for car insurance. I have. Most of them make me anxious. They recommend 101 things you should do before you make a decision – everything from checking your state insurance commissioner’s website to investigate “consumer complaint ratios” to researching the “financial strength ratings” for the companies that interest you. It is very nice sounding advice and it sounds reasonable. But I must say it all gives me a honking headache. Do you really need to spend hours shopping for insurance?

Allow me to simplify your life a bit.

Let me caution you first though. For years I have warned people about some of the companies listed below (on my “worst” list) and you know what? They do not want to hear it.

The conversation usually goes a little like this:

Me: “I was working on your case and I noticed your car insurance is through Allsnake. I work with that company all the time and wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. May I suggest another company?

Client: “I’ve been with Allsnake for 30 years. My daddy was with Allsnake. My Aunt Bessie was with Allsnake. Allsnake is practically like baseball and apple pie. Are you a communist?

Me: “I understand. I was with a similar company, Regressive, for years myself and thought they were All
Americans. But then I started working on insurance claims and my opinion soon changed. Many insurance companies sure do have wonderful ads that make you feel like they are going to rush right in and pay what they owe. And sometimes they do pay what is fair right away. But I fight in the trenches every day with these companies and I just want to alert you that some are far better than others.

Client: “I know some are better than others and Allsnake is great. Maybe you think they are so bad because most of your clients are faking their injuries. My injuries are real and Allsnake will see that.”

Me: “Well, I hope so. But what I see day in and day out is that the worst companies are equal opportunity abusers. They treat everybody as if they are frauds.

Client: “If Allsnake is so ugly, why haven’t I seen it on TV?

Me: “There have been exposes on Allsnake, Regressive and others on TV – and there is ample information on the Internet about their misdeeds, but please keep in mind that these companies pay millions of dollars in advertising revenue to the media every year. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to see the whole truth about the ugly company’s on the news –TV executives generally don’t bite the hand that feeds them.”

Client: “Maybe you have a point there. But Allsnake has always been good to me.

Me: “But will they be good to you when you need them the most? Many people have never had a claim or only had a minor claim. But how will they respond if you have an accident and someone is killed or seriously injured? In my years of working with Allsnake, over and over, they treat my clients like gold right up until the crucial moment in the case. Then they stab them in the back all the while accusing the client of being unreasonable. I hate to see my clients lulled into a feeling of security when they are in fact at risk. That is why I brought this up – I hope you look into changing insurance companies and if you decide to do so call me, and I will help you separate out the good from the bad.”

Client: “Well to be honest, the real reason I am with Allsnake is that they have always been the cheapest. If I change companies, it will probably cost me more.

Me: “Very possibly. But like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

So. Here are two lists.

The first is the best of the best in the auto insurance industry. These folks answer the phones and pay claims.

The second are the dregs, the worst. Avoid them like the plague.

The Best Auto Insurers in Georgia

Cincinnati Insurance (considered the gold standard by some)

Alfa Insurance

Amica Insurance

Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance

Chubb Insurance

The Worst Auto Insurers in Georgia

Progressive Insurance

Allstate Insurance

Safeway Insurance

American Family Insurance

United Automobile Insurance

USAA Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Village/ACCC Insurance 

Fred Loya Insurance

If your insurance company does not appear on this list, comment below and I’ll respond right back with my opinion.


Attorney Pete Pearson has been working for injury victims for over 20 years right here in the Metro Atlanta Area. Located in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area, he serves clients all over the State of Georgia. You can talk to Attorney Pearson for a free initial consultation by clicking here or by calling him at Six-Seven-Eight 358-2564.

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