About The Attorney

I’ve never been very good at fitting in with the crowd, especially when I think the crowd is walking off a cliff. I don’t go about the practice of law the same way as most injury lawyers. I think there is a better way. I guess you could say I’m a legal misfit; I don’t fit the mold. If you want the mold, you might want to hire one of those lawyers on TV. To me, practicing law is about excelling at relationships in a way that changes how people think about the legal profession. Relationships are my passion. A successful lawyer is successful because he or she pursues justice out of love. I know, it’s odd to hear a lawyer talk about love on their “About the Attorney” page. But just what kind of lawyer do you want handling your personal affairs? One who is all about the money? One who cares about justice only so far as it will get their name in the news? What do you want motivating your lawyer? Personally, if I need a lawyer, I want someone who deeply cares about me and my legal need. I want somebody who is going to behave like a friend. Are there such lawyers out there? Yes, and I’m trying to be one of them. I have a dear friend who loves to ride (motorcycles). On his leather jacket he has a number of biker patches. One of them says: “God loves you and I’m trying.” That’s me. I’m not a special person. I’m not talking about love hoping you will think I’m better than the next person. I know I’m not better. I’m just trying to love my neighbor and I think my neighbors include every client that walks into my life. That’s what I’m trying to be about. I love justice, I love truth, I love my clients. I love the bad guys too – the dishonest insurers, the captive doctors they hire – I love ’em all. Of course I sometimes love them by suing them. But bad guys need to be held accountable. It does them good in the end. So now that I’ve bared my heart to you, I’ll give you the normal list of credentials and achievements that you probably were expecting. But I don’t think that credentials mean a thing if your lawyer won’t love.